Terms and conditions

Live Local, Buy Local, Give Local logo ® (LBGL)
is the property of More Than Ink, a DBA of The Homesteader First Coast Edition, Inc.

The LBGL logo and the campaign it is used in is designed as a positive outreach and message. It is a tool to build local business and support local charities.

The LBGL logo can be used in any marketing media materials including print, TV, radio, articles, written content, social media and website content.

LBGL logo can be used free of charge as long as the below usage guidelines are followed. This is a binding legal agreement.

Forbidden usage of LBGL logo in whole or part is not allowed in adult magazines, adult entertainment or any R, X or NR deemed materials or websites. LBGL logo will not be added to any imagery that breaks any laws or is in a negative manner.

The registration mark and the HTML line, “LiveBuyGiveLocal.com”, must be present with LBGL logo.

LBGL logo CAN’T be altered or distorted. It can only be used in it’s original designed format. Logo variations include a version in color and black and white. With a white background or the logo reversed on a black background. Colors must stay consistent to branding specifications sheet. No other colors can be used than specified.

The LBGL logo CAN’T be used for profit of any sort. Also the LBGL logo CAN’T be reproduced on any promotional materials being sold for profit or for resale. More Than Ink Printing holds the rights to produce any promotional items or printed materials in any form that is for profit or to be resold.

Written approval for any questionable usage required by More Than Ink Printing representatives John Christiansen or Aaron Canaday. Emailing your inquiry to local@MoreThanInkPrinting.com.

Logo usage fees apply if logo is being used on any item, product or promotional item that is being sold. The usage fee is $100.00 or 10% of sales on any item logo is used on. Whichever amount is greater. Again, contact John or Aaron for further information on royalty fees or to request a waiver.

Person or company in breach of usage is responsible for all legal fees pertaining to injunctions, collections and/or lawsuits.

Proof Liability
Please review your job carefully before submitting. Check all type, spelling, placement and color. We can email you a digital proof or print out a hard copy proof per your request. If an email or hard copy proof is requested we will need an approval prior to printing. Printing begins after proof approval is received.

Orders that we layout, design or make alterations to will be emailed for your approval. A hardcopy proof is always recommended. Proofs on screen can look larger than actual size. We recommend you preview at 100% of size and/or print a proof at actual size, not at a fit to page size.

Alterations after first proofs may be charged an extra fee for additional changes. Customer is responsible for checking entire proof, not just the changes that were made. More Than Ink is NOT responsible for any errors or omissions after the job has been printed as approved by you. “Check everything carefully before your approval!”

Order Cancellation Policy
Order/s that are cancelled are subject to a fee based on the order's current status set below. Orders canceled after design and proof will be subject to the design and proof fees.

We reserve the right to refuse orders for any reason, not limited to low resolution file quality, offensive, indecent, or improper material. We will also refuse an order which in our opinion may be illegal in nature, an infringement on a copyright, or for any other reason, without disclosing the reason.

Document Setup and Pricing
All prices are from high resolution Press PDF files only. Documents must have a page setup size as the actual trim size of finished product with 3/16" Margins to cut and 1/8” bleeds with crop marks (no manipulation or correction of any kind). Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

No Claims are allowed after 10 days from received printed material. In case an error occurred by More Than Ink, we will reprint or refund you a prorated amount, or up to as much as the full price of our invoice only. We will not be liable for any other claims or damages.

Workmanship Guarantee
We print to calibrated industry standards. Viewing of digital proofs on different devises can show color that may be different than what will be printed. We will gladly provide a printed hard copy proof from our proofing system to show more accurate color than digital proofs.

Legal Liability
By submitting your order, you accept the full legal liability for the content of the material processed and printed on your behalf and under your instructions.

Payment is due upon completion. 50% deposit is required on first time clients and on orders deemed appropriate by us because of size, specialty paper and unique specs. Any balance due after 30 days is subject to a 1.5% interest. Return check fee is $45. Any balance due past 60 days is subject to collection fees as well as interest.

By submitting your order you agree to these terms and conditions.

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